Timor Leste Trap Integrity Multi – client study

May 4, 2021
Map of Timor

To coincide with the Timor-Leste: 2nd Oil and Gas Licensing Round, Ascendience Geoscience is completing an evaluation project to deliver risk-reducing data and interpretation to address the principal risk impacting success in this highly prospective area. 

In conjunction with Discover Geoscience we are pleased to provide a multi-client study to assist companies evaluating the Licensing Round.  The offshore region has enjoyed significant past success for both oil and gas, but explorers have also experienced much failure, with a high proportion of dry holes, commonly attributed to trap failure during Tertiary fault reactivation.

Critical to future success is understanding the failures to build better predictive models that can be calibrated against previous results, both success and failure. Considerable progress has been made towards a solution to help mitigate the principal trap risk, with a holistic predictive model developed  to more confidently identify intact traps, assess the degree of fill to produce more accurate volumetrics and aid well placement to improve the likelihood of exceeding minimum economic field size requirements. 

Seismic data quality, traditionally a challenge to imaging fault-structure at target depth, has been noticeably improved in newly available reprocessing products and with advances in acquisition technologies the industry possesses the tools to finally overcome the problem holding back future success.

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