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Ascendience provides superior petroleum geoscience data and consultancy services, experience, excellence and energy are our core attributes.

Exploration for oil and gas is a tough game. Chasing an inventory that is without replacement means that with each success the next one becomes a little harder to find. Experience is the name we give to these hard – won lessons, from both successes and failures. We all make mistakes, but the only the real mistakes are the ones from which we learn nothing.

Experience is a cumulative expansion of understanding from the application of knowledge. Like in Geology, time is required to produce this experience, there are no shortcuts and many challenges, but the rewards are substantial.

Ascendience seeks to provide the value of experience to clients in the oil and gas and energy sectors, delivered by specialists with long careers in the business, both within E&P companies and applied research organisations. Turning wounds into wisdom, allowing our clients to profit from our experience, helping to avoid repeating the mistakes of others and pushing the odds a little more to your advantage are all key to achieving cost – effective future success.

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Experience across clastic and carbonate reservoir systems, salt basins and varied tectonic settings allows Ascendience to value-add in ways that deliver innovative solutions in a timely manner.

Canning Basin Fieldwork

Staff - Dr Mark Lisk

B.Sc. M.Sc. PHD

A career spanning more than 30 years with experience across Petroleum, Geothermal and Mineral systems, focused on delivery of innovative exploration and R&D solutions, Dr Mark Lisk is Chief Geologist for the Ascendience Group.

A talented geoscientist with broad experience across Australia, the Asia Pacific region and the Atlantic conjugate margin Mark brings world class technical capability in regional basin studies, play based exploration, reservoir geology and diagenesis, charge and trap integrity evaluations.
An adept prospect generator with strong seismic interpretation skills and a solutions mindset with a clear business impact focus. Experienced in mature, emerging and frontier basins, both offshore and onshore, with a proven track record in revealing new plays to drive value creation through delivery of attractive prospect portfolios.

Highly qualified with a Masters degree in Geothermal Systems from the University of Auckland and an award-winning PhD in Petroleum Systems and Trap Integrity Analysis from Curtin University in Perth with an impressive publication record that includes two UK and US patents in specialised oilfield technology.

Mark Lisk

Key Technical Competencies:
Petroleum Exploration Geology | Conventional Exploration | Global New Ventures | Clastic & Carbonate Reservoir Geology | Regional Petroleum Systems | Play Based Exploration | Seismic Interpretation | Prospect Delineation Volumes & Risks | Structural Geology | Geochemistry | Reservoir Diagenesis | Fluid Migration & Seeps | Seal Evaluation | Salt Basins | Igneous Systems in Sedimentary Settings | Analogue Field Studies | CCS evaluations | Novel R&D Solutions

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As passionate geoscientists the opportunity to contribute to the development of new ideas and to have this contribution subject to review by peers is one that we welcome. 

These links are a selection of examples of career publications and are not ones produced under the Ascendience banner.

We hope to continue our contribution to the scientific literature in years to come and see this engagement as a vital part of the contribution that Ascendience Geoscience can make to knowledge transfer as well as an opportunity to remain part of the conversation.