Fluid Inclusion Database

Small but mighty, fluid inclusion data provides gigantic insights into our understanding of petroleum systems. Cyclops, the most comprehensive database of Australasian fluid inclusion data, delivers an enhanced understanding of the petroleum systems we know about and provides crucial pathfinders to the new plays that lie waiting to be discovered. Talk to us about building your future through our knowledge of the past. 

Australia boasts easily the biggest public domain resource of fluid inclusion data anywhere in the world and has led the way in the application of these techniques within the oil and gas industry. From detecting evidence of hydrocarbon migration and accumulation to constraining the timing of fluid migration and revealing the true nature of charge through detailed geochemical biomarker analysis the contribution to improved understanding of the processes that produce, alter or at times destroy hydrocarbon systems has been profound. Application of this data revolutionises the mitigation of risk in modern petroleum systems analysis.

Despite more than 800 reports produced across every prospective petroleum basin in Australia there has been no documented effort to draw this critical data into one, easily accessible place, let alone actually analyse the powerful significance of the data when viewed collectively.

The Cyclops fluid inclusion database stands ready to address this deficiency and provide the most comprehensive publicly available collection of petroleum fluid inclusion data anywhere in the world. Compiled by experts in the field, seminal contributors to the development of these technologies over decades this offers a new opportunity to fully leverage these tiny, but powerful insights into the diversity of complex Australian hydrocarbon systems.

All fluid inclusion data types have been compiled including the locally developed CSIRO techniques as well as the widely employed Fluid Inclusion Stratigraphy method available through Schlumberger and conventional measurement techniques traditionally applied to fluid inclusion analysis.

Accessible via a secure cloud-based server, data is spatially viewed in a Web Maps application with original reports available for download.

Leverage this data to address charge and migration risk, evaluate trap failure mechanisms, better constrain diagenetic histories and recognize formation water impacts on basin hydrodynamics and water saturation determination through log analysis. 

The release of the Cyclops fluid inclusion database is just the beginning. The housekeeping is done, the data compiled and accessible for immediate application. The future is even more exciting, with reprocessing of the original to reveal greater detail and evaluation in a more thematic manner to produce regional assessments within a structured petroleum systems framework. New data will be acquired to support evaluation of acreage releases and build on existing data to further reveal new insights into the play potential of Australian Sedimentary basins.

The uptake of fluid inclusion data grows each year with a wide variety of companies acquiring new data and Cyclops will capture and integrate data as it enters the public domain. Additionally, the utilisation of fluid inclusion techniques into government supported studies or academic research continues to expand to provide additional public domain data at the cutting edge of technology developments in the field of fluid inclusion research. 

Access to the Cyclops fluid inclusion database is available through a range of flexible subscription-based memberships to suit all types of companies.

To celebrate the release of this new beginning in the role of fluid inclusion data a 3-year premium membership is available for AUD$50,000, with additional discounts for multi-partner purchase. Subscribers gain full access to data from every basin in Australian, comprehensive customer support and 5 days of consulting support each year to achieve better integration into prospectivity assessments.

Access to future multi-client data products at a discounted rate for acreage release studies as well as contribution to a steering committee to guide new data acquisition will drive the partnership and ensure maximum benefit flows to premium members. We will engage with the data providers at CSIRO and Schlumberger to ensure premium members remain at the forefront of future developments in these technologies.

Companies seeking to access the data on an annual basis can choose our standard annual subscription at $25,000 per annum to gain access to all data currently captured as well as new data that is acquired during the period of subscription.

For those with a specific basin focus basin focus we also offer a range of single basin products with a variable annual subscription rate based on the density of data available for the basins of Australia. We also offer contract consulting services to advise on existing data, integrate with prospectivity assessments and plan new data acquisition to address specific opportunities.

Fluid inclusions in overgrowth