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Expertise to augment your exploration team or deliver fully independent services

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Provision of general G&G, portfolio renewal, New Venture work, and R&D brokering services

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Highly experienced, working in both E&P company and Geological Research Organisations we bring broad capability in conducting exploration programs, advising on New Venture activity, driving value creation through portfolio evaluation and renewal, as well as recommending innovative solutions through targeted R&D spend.

By drawing on our specialist expertise only when needed your costs are kept to a minimum but the value proposition of bringing deep experience to profit from the mistakes of others and enhance your technical outcomes remains undiminished.

Distal lobes in outcrop_Karoo Basin_F

They say “the best geologists are the one who have seen the most rocks”, but as the great crew change dramatically alters the age and experience profile of geoscience teams this once common adage is slowly being forgotten, leaving the industry vulnerable to repeat the mistakes of the past. Most companies lack depth in the range of required specialised disciplines, we provide a pathway to allow critical knowledge to be shared with younger staff, ensuring that the lessons of the past are not lost to the geoscience leaders of the future.