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“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.”  

Multi-client projects provide the opportunity to address exploration risk through the completion of work under a cost-sharing agreement.

In times of restricted budget these projects allow more to be done for less and provides an ability to access specific expertise that would be costly for a company to maintain in a fulltime role.

Likewise, when staff shortages impede the completion of work in a timely manner multiclient work can help to meet the shortfall. For small companies, these projects can provide access to a high standard of technical resources at much lower cost and with a shorter cycle time.

Multi-client seismic projects, both new acquisitions as well as reprocessing projects are now commonplace and for many reasons can be preferable to work undertaken by an operator. Even in large companies the outsourcing of key technical work removes the need for an in-house team and instead a single specialist can monitor rather than conduct the required work.

The uptake of multi-client work in the geological realm is less common, partly due to limitations in many jurisdictions to access suitable samples for new analysis and partly due to the challenge a contractor faces in placing results in geological context. Level of spend is typically also lower with a reluctance to invest to the same level as a seismic project.

Ascendience is looking to challenge this relative paucity of geological multiclient data by conducting new acquisition programs for relevant geological data but also through geological reprocessing of heritage data to provide enhanced interpretation solutions.

We welcome interest from operating and service companies to propose or collaborate on studies that would advance the understanding of the petroleum systems in the areas they operate and will also be issuing expressions of interest for a range of multi-client projects that draw on areas where Ascendience holds significant expertise.

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Timor Leste

To coincide with the Timor-Leste: 2nd Oil and Gas Licensing Round, Ascendience Geoscience is completing an evaluation…

Expressions of interest

Ascendience Geoscience is seeking to participate in multi-client geoscience studies to assist New Venture activity…

Expressions of interest

Ascendience Geoscience is seeking to participate in multi-client geoscience studies to assist New Venture activity by building a portfolio of specialist risk-reducing studies to address key uncertainties in frontier and emerging basins as well as providing new insights to re-invigorate exploration in mature basins.

From application of specialised analytical techniques applied to reservoirs, trap and charge elements to completion of enhanced regional geological studies using play-based exploration techniques we are looking at application to petroleum exploration, development and geological carbon capture.

Expressions of interest will be sought on projects we propose but equally we invite collaboration with energy companies, service companies and other consultants to deliver world-class project outcomes for the benefit of our clients.