R&D Solutions

Brokering innovative technology projects

Investment in R&D provides an opportunity to find solutions to problems that impede project success and unlock pathways to future value creation in new areas. 

The oil and gas industry continuously challenges the status quo, with new technology seen as the critical enabler to overcome obstacles and deliver future high returns. Surprisingly, many companies lack a deep understanding of the breadth of available research that could materially improve the value of current assets and drive future growth.

With decades of experience in leading R&D organisations and Oil and Gas majors, being highly published including patented new technology and leadership roles for major JIP research projects from both the research and sponsor perspective, Ascendience holds experience that is unrivaled in most organisations.

Industry staff often lack awareness of the diverse range of innovative solutions that already exist, whilst R&D providers commonly have limited experience in real world application. Our research brokering service seeks to bridge this gap and help clients find and implement cutting edge research solutions to solve real-world problems.

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