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We deliver exceptional and highly cost effective training as subject matter experts

In challenging times allocating time and resources to training and professional development can seem like an unnecessary indulgence frowned upon by managers beholden to fiscal responsibility.

Many see training purely as an expense rather than recognising that well-focussed, skills-based learning, is a sensible investment in future productivity and improved staff retention. Training can appear expensive, but ignorance costs much more, and in the long run the ROI attributed to effective programs has been shown to far outweigh the initial cost particularly in an industry where poor decisions can result in tens of millions of dollars in wasted expenditure.

Most organisations that have a progressive approach to the value of building and strengthening skills recognise the need for external training to augment skills gained on the job and through internal learning, both by training and through mentorship programs. The use of subject matter experts that the company may lack, especially for specialised disciplines, or where other priorities prevent SMEs within the company from delivering structured training courses are two common reasons for an external expert to be utilised. A lack of experienced hires places a significant burden on staff development, particularly on mid-career geoscientists that must display experience beyond their years. The value of utilising external experts extends beyond knowledge transfer by fostering new perspectives, helping to avoid silo thinking and by contributing to improved staff retention through provision of proactive professional development and training. 

 At Ascendience we provide a range of training opportunities to provide positive and highly cost-effective outcomes in specific subject areas where we have extensive in-depth knowledge and decades of real-world experience. Training can be accessed through regular external industry courses or if the need arises, we can also provide in-house training at extremely competitive rates. Field and classroom-based training options are available. 

For in-house training, our courses can be readily customised in terms of content, duration and cost to best suit client focus. Profit from our experience and empower younger staff to outperform and lead the industry to achieving greater exploration success.

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