CO2 Geological Storage Tech Pitch

Matching Technology for the Geological Storage of CO2 with Industry Need.

Game Day is 24th May, 2024

Ascendience Geoscience in partnership with EnerGeo Alliance invite you to a one day technology workshop pitching innovative sub-surface solutions from leading geoscience and engineering service and research vendors

The CO2 Geological Storage Pitch is a one-day interactive workshop to match cutting edge technologies with industry need. As new storage projects continue to be developed and new areas are released as Greenhouse Gas Storage Licenses, reducing costs, improving efficiency, and delivering viable projects through deployment of cutting-edge technology is key. 

Geological Storage of CO2 is an essential component of global efforts to reach net zero by 2050. Deploying the best technologies represents a crucial component for achieving successful and permanent geological storage of CO2.


Sponsorship opportunities are available so please email for more info



Join our Pitch squad

Leading vendors from major industry service companies, R&D organisations and academia are invited to pitch technology solutions addressing a range of sub-surface requirements to maximise project success. Pitchers are provided with a 10 minute slot to introduce their technology solution and propose opportunities for future deployment. Group discussion, online voting and a final summary session will allow both vendors and attendees to fully understand the value of many different approaches. Our previous pitch event was heavily oversubscribed so to avoid disappointment we encourage technology vendors to apply to pitch early. Delivering our best “game-day” pitch squad will benefit everyone so we warmly invite you to bring your A-team!

To see examples of technology pitches from our previous pitch event on the Perth Basin please visit here.


Just 48 pitch slots available across two concurrent sessions, one in geoscience, one in engineering


For major vendors that are seeking to promote a suite of their technology solutions, sponsorship of individual sessions provides an opportunity to deliver a focused, brand specific, thematic overview. Sponsorships offer a great opportunity to focus attention on holistic solutions and to increase brand awareness in the growing field of geological storage.

Membership of Energeo brings benefits through reduced registration costs as attendees and reduced pitch fees for member companies seeking to pitch an innovative technology solution for improved geological storage of CO2.


 Who Should Attend?

Attendance by companies active in storage projects or looking to appraise opportunities for future engagement will be exposed to cutting-edge and innovative technologies, whilst for companies involved in hard to abate industries that are looking to move the dial on reducing their emissions this offers a great opportunity to stay abreast of the latest solutions and profit from an enhanced knowledge of a suite of exciting new technologies. 

Our pitch event immediately follows the Australian Energy Producers annual conference and exhibition, so this forum will draw contributions from local and international technology providers, building on the conference theme of delivering the new energy economy. 


Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with technology providers and learn more about cutting-edge approaches to reducing project risk and maximising project success

In the morning, our pitch squad will provide up to 48 technology pitches, spread across two concurrent sessions, one dealing with Geoscience and one addressing Engineering issues. These will deliver potential solutions to a wide range of challenges facing geological storage solutions and relevant to a variety of project types and geological settings. These rapid fire 10-minute “pitch” style presentations will cut to the chase, offering insights into how these technologies can deliver real value by reducing project costs, improving certainty and delivering solutions that will help drive more commercially successful project outcomes.  

A dedicated afternoon discussion session will provide decision makers within CO2 ventures as well as representatives from emissions intensive industries looking to stay abreast of latest developments an executive summary of the proposed technology solutions. An expert panel, comprising world-leading specialists in the field, will guide this final discussion session to match the proposed solutions against perceived need and assess the value creation potential using a consistent evaluation format.

This day, showcasing innovation in technologies that will aid better project outcomes, will conclude with a closing network session where there is the opportunity to share ideas and make connections with those delivering the technology that will help to facilitate commercially viable geological CO2 storage.

Ascendience Perth Basin Pitch