PESA Evening Technical Talk on September 21st 2023

September 7, 2023

Casting a Bigger Shadow: Big New Opportunities in Australian Basins Revealed by Regional Fluid Inclusion Data.

In conjunction with PESA Energy Geoscience, Dr Mark Lisk, Chief Geologist of the Ascendience Group, will be presenting thought-provoking summary of the regional fluid inclusion data-sets available for key Australian sedimentary basins. The review will address the use of these data to tackle a range of common challenges encountered in exploration and development for oil and gas resources, as well as new applications to the evaluation of suitable sites for geological storage of CO2 and the assessment of low enthalpy geothermal resources. Lots of new opportunities will be discussed and questions answered on how these data can deliver critical pathfinders to reveal new exploration prospectivity, help to better constrain critical risks for enhanced development planning and assist in more effective evaluation of sites to high-grade and de-risk future CO2 and geothermal opportunities. Mark has a long history in the development of these technologies and made a seminal contribution to the early development of these tools that resulted in a number of technology patents and developed consultancy services to assist the Australian and International oil and gas industry.


  • Enhanced Hydrocarbon Exploration Opportunities 

  • Reduced Key Project Development Risks

  • Improved Geological Storage of CO2 Evaluation


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