Release of Provisional Pitch Squad and Event Agenda for the Geological Storage of CO2 Technology Pitch

May 2, 2024

Ascendience Geoscience in conjunction with EnerGeo Alliance are pleased to release the provisional pitch squad and event agenda for the 2024 Geological Storage of CO2 Technology Pitch event. Exceptional contributions from technology providers from major industry vendors, innovative start-up companies, CSIRO and universities have allowed us to build a dynamic pitch squad that will be relevant to all those seeking to lower cost and improve project efficiency for current and planned geological CO2 storage projects around Australia. Positioned to immediately follow the AEP (formally APPEA) conference and exhibition the CO2 Geological Storage Pitch continues to build on the conference themes of delivering the new energy economy by showcasing cutting edge tools and techniques to help make this ambition a reality.

Check out the provisional pitch squad and meeting agenda HERE 

Leveraging Latest Technologies to Reduce Risk, Reduce Cost and Maximise Success

May 24th 2024

Dexus Place, Perth CBD

Join us to pitch your technology solution or explore cutting-edge geoscience & engineering solutions

The event is targeted at companies already engaged in locating and developing commercially viable geological storage projects or those with ambitions to do so in the future. As the world grapples with the challenge of delivering NetZero pledges, geological storage projects as one of the key levers most able to deliver reduced emissions in tandem with reliable and affordable energy supply are gaining global momentum. Companies in hard to abate sectors are especially challenged where the development of green alternatives are some way off being able to deliver solutions that are cost effective to supply. These companies will gain tremendous insight into the new and emerging technologies that are being developed to enable emissions reduction at scale and the capacity of these ground-breaking approaches to move the dial on cost and efficiency.

For investors, keen to better understand the new opportunities that these technologies will unlock, this event will allow them so stay abreast of latest developments and they will enjoy the “pitch” format that will cut to the chase on the ability of these vendors to provide the step-change or truly game-changing benefits that projects can derive from these new tools and techniques.

Release of our provisional pitch squad, brimming with technology to impact projects from screening stage through development and operational phases will also detail innovative new approaches on the Measuring, Monitoring and Verification (MMV) tools that will be crucial in controlling project cost and meeting regulatory requirements to ensure safe and secure project closure.

TEAM DISCOUNTS ARE AVAILABLE FOR COMPANIES REGISTERING 5 OR MORE STAFF. Perfect to enable cost-effective attendance with reduced attendance fees that not only help decision-makers understand the available tools but also offer an excellent training opportunity for junior staff to gain invaluable exposure to the suite of technologies available for deployment.  

Are you a vendor with products and services to lower cost and increase the efficiency of geological storage? Time is short but the opportunity to be part of this stimulating discussion is still available, but you must act fast. Send us your pitch application by visiting our event page and registering to join our pitch team. A great opportunity to engage with the industry or sign up as an attendee and be part of the conversation. 

To secure your spot to pitch or register to attend please visit:

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